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How to use Facebook timeline feature before its release.

As we all know facebook had made many new changes recently, here is another new feature
called ‘Timeline’ for you, which is better and efficient then all other previous changes.
This feature is like a story book, it has all the history of your profile all the things which
happened to you during your facebook lifespan or atleast like an online documented part of
yours. As this feature is not launched yet but you must be eager to use it and you can use
it. Enabling this feature isn’t hard but not easy also.

There are few things to note:-
1. If are not amongst the developers you probably want to do this because of its
2. Initially only you will be able to see the timeline of your profile but in some time it
would go public.
3. If you log in to another computing machine then you won’t be able to get that feature,
for that you will have to repeat the same procedure as listed below.
Steps to enable timeline:-
1. Initially you have to log in to your Facebook account.
2. Enable developer mode. If you haven’t done this yet, don’t bother you just have to
type “Developer” in the facebook search box and select the first option available on
the search.
3. Then download the application onto your system,
4. Run that application
5. Make your own application using this (Don’t worry it would not be displayed to
anyone except you) and then agree to the license agreement.
6. Make sure that now you are in the main settings screen of the application. For
confirmation you should see the name of application on the top of your page.
7. Look for the header named “Open graph” and then make a click on the link ‘Get
started with the open graph’.
8. Then you have to make a test action for your application like “eat” a “sandwich” or
anything else.
9. Then you will be redirected to the page of configuration from where you can
configure your application. Make any changes in default settings, if you find it relevant
for you.
10. Click through about 3 pages of configurations.
11. Wait for 2-3 minutes approximately.
12. Return back to your facebook home screen, there you will see an invite for the
facebook timeline feature.
If you are not able to see the invite for time line feature even after this procedure then relax you will be
getting it within few minutes. Once you click on that invitee then you will be redirected to your
new timeline. Initially your timeline is private until you do it after editing you timeline or you
can let facebook do it. As this feature will be made public after the date 29th September.

If you are accessing your profile through any other system then this feature will be turned off,
to turn it on again you have to do the following.
1. Go to the URL or you can say address window and type “
2. Remember to edit the [yourusername] and change it to your username.
In this way you can make use of this new timeline feature.
Courtesy : Tech Freakzzz

The Ancient Secrets of Immortality

How To Live For A Thousand Years.
"And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image, and called him Seth. And the days after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years; and he begat sons and daughters. And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years and then he died"
"And Methuselah lived a hundred and eighty-seven years and begat Lamech. And Methuselah lived after he begat Lamech seven hundred and eighty two years and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred and sixty nine years, and he then died."
I am sure many must have wondered at some time what wonderful secret these great men possessed that enabled them to live for nearly a thousand years and also to father children at well over a hundred years of age.
The answer was primarily in their diet. They existed on a frugal diet of fruit and herbs, coupled with regular periods of fasting. This combination brought about perfect health and vitality and the regeneration of their youth.
Man was created to live and not to die. Death is unnatural. The soul is immortal and the spirit is immortal. If the blood is pure and the glandular system is in perfect working order then the body is potentially immortal too.
The ancients achieved perfect health and longevity by:
1. Choosing to live in a warm climate.
2. Taking plenty of outdoor activity.
3. Drinking pure uncontaminated water, free from chemicals and additives.
4. Eating only natural foods.
5. Eating frugally and never over eating.
The body has two main activities: the digestion of food and the renewal of itself. The moment the last morsel of food has been digested, and the stomach cleared, the body sets about renewing its old worn out cells and tissues and replacing them with new ones. In short the body is renewing its youth over and over. In todays modern western society there is almost universal overeating. The body is overwhelmed with food and spends nearly all its time in the process of digestion. This leaves little or no time for renewal and regeneration. Decay and 'old age' therefore sets in. Most people are literally eating themselves into the grave.
6. Eating food in its natural state i.e. uncooked.
7. Eating mostly alkaline forming (fruit and vegetables etc) rather than acid producing foods.
Alkaline foods are basically regenerating while acid foods are degenerating. Note they did not eat cereals which, excluding millet and soya, are hightly acidic.
8. Having fruit comprise the majority (60-75%) of the days food intake.
9. Not eating meat or other flesh food. Meat is poison to the body (killed food kills the body) and it is equally poisonous to the soul.
As the old proverb says: 'You are what you eat'. The aggresive and bestial side of mans' nature stems from his (unnatural) eating of animal flesh and blood. Man was intended to be a fruitarian and not a carnivore.
10. Regular fasting. Fasting enables the body to cleanse the bloodstream of impurities and toxins. A polluted bloodstream leads to disease and degeneration. A pure bloodstream leads to good health and regenearation - and the maintenance of youth and vitality.
11. Preserving the life force. The sex act was respected and practised solely in its sacred and intended form i.e. for the creation of children. The ancients had sex only once or twice a year.
Here then is the secret knowledge of the ancients that enabled Adam and Methuselah to live close on one thousand years. How tragic that the doctors with their 'miracle' modern medicines can offer 21st Century man a lifespan of little more than the paltry 'three score and ten' when we could all have immortality.
'His flesh shall be fresher than a child's: he shall return to the days of his youth.' Job ch.33 v.25
This was written by John de Akhetaton.

Try The Turtle
The turtle is well known for it's longevity and performs only one major exercise - stretching its neck forward and pulling its chin inward toward the base of the neck, again and again.
This exercise releases neck tension as well as tension of the brain. It can also stretch the entire spine, energise the neck, strengthen the shoulder muscles, removing tiredness and soreness and help to stimulate the thyroid which is thought to increase energy and help you feel younger.

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